Woman is the supreme creation of God only after the earth had been formed and man had been places on the face of the earth, was Eve created.

Our brand is inspired by Gael the temptress, and the biblical tale of Eve's expulsion from Eden just as Gael the enchantress lured Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and thence enter another spiritual yet lustful realm, our brand, in accentuating the provocative silhouette of the female body, aims to empower woman by inciting them to embrace their sensuality.


Gael's mission to seduce and enlighten women about the forbidden knowledge of science and beauty, lies at the heart of our afflatus in crafting our designs. Each piece in our collection, while maintaining the female elegance, emphasises the inherent seductiveness of women, by entrancingly wrapping around the curves.


Our collection, high-end luxury italian swimwear fabric is used to mirror the unparalelled class of women. In our aim to provide products of the highest possible quality, we use gold plated, rust-proof accessories to ensure that, in addition to maintaining their perpetual magnestism, our creations preserve their quality in the long-term as well.


United Kingdom, LONDON


contact: Istanbul, Turkey


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Gael London is a luxury swimwear brand. Gael adresses the woman who is bold, modern, chic and the most important of all who deserves the best and dare to wear...